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International Shipping

Yes. International shipping takes a Maximum of 25 – 27 business days to USA, Europe & Asia. Also note, we will gladly ship internationally and provide you with the tracking information. Once the item(s) leaves our warehouse and the tracking was assigned the customer has to communicate with the courier for updates (certain restrictions apply).
We try our best to meet and exceed customers expectations however when products are placed within the hands of courier service we have no control of the courier practices.

Actually this is a standard duration if shipping is done from Asia, we provide an economic type of service because we already provide free shipping and tax free for our customers.

Once again we confirm that we provide free shipping costs and free of import tax, you don’t need to pay taxes in your country anymore. we have paid all the costs directly to the shipping company from here.

We ship your packages by Air freight service

of course ! We give you a tracking number. We will provide this information within 2 x 24 hours (the longest) We will notify via email to you.

We give a 100% money back guarantee if something goes wrong, for example, if you don’t receive the package within the specified time and receive a damaged, defective or incomplete package. We hope you don’t need to worry, we will monitor until the package arrives at your address.

We provide the type of packaging from the box and coated with a little iron and wood. We can guarantee 100% of the packaging is very strong and neat.

The shipping service we use will deliver your package directly to  your home address. 1 Day after the package arrives at your airport, the courier will contact you to confirm.

We work with several distributors or suppliers from various countries, If the product stock is available in our warehouse we will ship from Malaysia, Singapore and if the stock is not sufficient in the warehouse. We will contact partners from other countries to ship your package.

Note : Sometimes we ship from US and NZ suppliers ( IF URGENT )

We will ship your package within 2 x 24 hours after receiving payment confirmation via paypal or Bank Transfer. We hope you can be patient because we have to arrange your package first. Please do not panic, anxiety or Double anxiety. If you have questions, please contact live chat. We will reply soon.

Please Read Before Ask !

Product & Warranty

All products that we sell and that are listed on our website have an official factory warranty. We guarantee 100% New and authentic and we give you a 100% money back guarantee. You don’t need to worry about this.

We provide several options for you :

visit  local authorized outboard dealer in your local city or  Please return to us, as the dealer where you purchased. 

as long as the warranty card is still valid we will give a warranty to you. all spare parts that are damaged or not functioning please submit to us. This process will take 14 days, send the damaged spare part and we will replace it with a new spare part.

Note : The warranty card is valid from the date of your order.

If you receive an item that has the wrong size, color or is damaged, please tell us immediately. We will exchange the goods as soon as possible. You do not need to pay shipping costs, We will contact the courier representative in your country to pick up the item back.

We will give you 2 choices:

1. Do you want to exchange with new items.
2. Do you want to cancel and receive 100% money back.

Please discuss with us if this happens. and you don’t need to worry because we are still responsible.

All products that appear on the website are available for sale. Please don’t ask about this stock. as long as the product is listed on the website it means it’s still in stock. Including quantity, size and color.

In this business we are as suppliers or sub distributors and directly work with large distributors or directly to official factories. We have worked together for more than 10 years with colleagues who work there, this is the right reason why we can get better prices. Apart from that we import goods using sea freight service with a large scale and of course this is very cost-saving for us.

We accept maximum order 25 units per month for international customers. or with a total invoice in USD 125000

Please login to your account, and Edit your shipping or billing address Information.

No, ​order can not be canceled if the shipment has been done. If you want to cancel do within 1 x 24 hours and please discuss with us what are the reasons for canceling.

Before passing 24 hours or packages shipped you may change the size, color of the product. Please email us or contact live chat. we will change it, no need to worry if something like this happens.

Please Read Before Ask !

Order & Payment

please make online purchases easily on our website. please find the product you want. Choose the quantity, size or color available. and please checkout payment. If you are confused, please ask livechat or email us. We recommend that you place your order online so you can get the discount coupons that we offer. please learn it’s easy and efficient

We accept payments via Credit Card, Bank telegraphic transfers, Zelle and Crypto. We recommend that you use Bank Telegraphic Transfer payments if your total order is above USD 5000 up. 

We offer discounts promotion to customers. Look at the coupon on the website. Please copy the name of the coupon and enter it in the coupon form while on the checkout page.

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